All it means is that….

The Path to this point was never a cake walk

I Fell and fell again as I continued to tread

That which got me together at all those times

was the ray in my heart

which somehow seem to not be there tonight

There was a tremor as I murmured

Does this mean that this is the end

for all I can see are the shut doors ahead

Leaving behind darkness coupled with deafening silence

And then came an honest voice

which perhaps I had not heard in quite a long time

And all it said was

Don’t worry my child

for if you find every door to be shut before you

All it means is that you have gone blind !!!







Cos I love myself just the way I am


They say that I am an open book, yet they end up reading it all wrong

They say that I have mood swings, little do they know, that it’s my way of being alive

They say that I am a cry baby, I wish they realise that’s secret of my true eyes

They say that I am attached; well clearly that’s how they know I care

They say that I am predictable, yet I manage to surprise them all

The world is fond of going on and on

All that matters to me is that I love myself just the way I am……….