As we move into 2019…..

Yet another year is bidding goodbye. 2018 will soon disappear from everywhere, right from the calendar in our rooms to the watches on the wall, to the dates under our signatures…  But as they take this backseat leaving way for the new, they leave behind them memories; those memories that may fade as time passes but will never vanish. Some sweet moments, some silly fights, some drops of tears, some ROFL times, all of them together are going to be packed tight in the golden book of memories. And whenever we turn the pages of this book in our future, they will have a lot of stories to say. Those stories will then take us on a roller coaster ride. A ride that will make us realise how strong we had been while facing hard times, how patient we had been in the hands of testing times or even how stupid we had been in some of our fights. And as we read through those pages, a smile is sure to brighten up our faces.  Just like the smile that we have on this New Year’s Eve as we remember 2018 pass through like a dream.

The World is waiting to ring in the New Year and so am I. May the new beginning add more spark to our spirits, setting them free and high as ever. May all of us get to paint our dreams on the canvas of our lives, and have them speak of us today and forever…..