Dear Ms.Corona

Before you ignore this “little” piece of writing as any other random message asking you to go away, spare me a minute. I swear to not swear at you; and trust me when I say, I won’t take more than a minute 🙂

Disclaimer:Well I am sorry if there is a gender confusion in the title, but before you judge me , I would like to clarify that it has been global practice to personify exceptional one’s like you as feminine and I just chose to be one with the crowd.

Ever since you have been out there, I have been at home. And honestly , except for the boredom caused, I am not at a great loss. In fact you have saved me a lot of money, by putting a mandatory break to my Saturday shopping, Sunday Movies and my weekday Swiggy’s. In fact, there’s very less laundry that I have to do a week and you have no idea how big a relief that is. And the traffic, How can I forget that. Just hate the thought of having to travel amidst the blaring horns and now, I barely hear the “Tring- Tring” of a cycle. So, going by all this and much more, you seem to be good and I should be happy with you being around right?!!!. But I am confused here… Then why am I not happy???!!!

Okay, let’s forget about me. Let’s talk about the greater roles played by you. There existed a practice of Untouchability as part of our history. And today there again exists a practice of “Untouchability” across the globe. The only difference is , back then it was to build a wall of discrimination and today, it is because you managed to break all walls leaving behind any form of discrimination. You don’t see caste and creed, you don’t differentiate between rich and the poor. Color of the skin does not matter to you. You treat all genders equally. Well, with all this, you should sound like an iconic character. But I don’t feel inspired , why???

Yesterday when I looked out of my window, I saw a lot of birds chirping around, Dogs and cats were peacefully asleep; Cows grazing happily and believe me these are all a pleasure to the eyes. Rivers are clean, Air is pure (even without the odd and even games); Truly Nature is rejoicing like never before. But for you, these could have never been possible; But why am I not able to thank you with all my heart???!!!

Well, I do not have answer to these and a hundred other questions running in my mind. And even if I have, I would prefer to not answer cause I could sound a bit biased to my own race. After all its human nature right!!! So I choose to leave you with all these tits and bits of my mind. May be as I finish, Just one last note… I belong to a nation where not every individual is equipped with an option of Earn from Home. Cos a house help needs to go to another house to find a living. and so does a carpenter , a security, the health care professionals and even the army men of my country. And so is the case with the billions across the globe. Like I said, A few millions including me can afford to stay in , but there are countless others who are struggling out there.

If you have read till the end, I am sorry to have taken a bit more than a minute. May be a quick suggestion… Now that we both have taken a bit long, Can we both end it here? No, No.. Don’t feel offended. I don’t mean to blame you in anyway. I don’t even know if you have the power to control yourself. But if you do, then please do. Cause to be honest, we truly don’t.

Longing for some normalcy


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