Dedicated to all those amazing people in my life who had the choice to walk out, yet opted to hold on to me

Dear “Problems”

I appreciate your conviction at creating hurdles on my path. Your relentless spirit at what you do is something worth copying (Oops), I mean, it’s  highly inspiring. However I understand that despite your consistency, you could never taste success in your endeavours . You always did and are continuing to do exceptionally well at troubling me. All I am trying to say is that I am not the one to be blamed for your failures. In fact I have never disappointed you in stumbling at each of your roadblocks. But the moment I trip over, there are these bunch of people whose hands hold on to me. Of course you are more powerful but they aren’t weak either. In that tug of war between you and them, they eventually win and that’s how I get up, stand on my feet, walk, run and there we come across each other again. Then as the saying goes, History repeats itself !!! Well, the world addresses them as my friends, but all I know is that they are what I am made of. They are the reason why I trust that after all life is worth living. I really wish I could say that one day your efforts to knock me down will definitely be paid off. But my upbringing does not allow me to give you false hopes. For as long as they are there, I am sorry to say, they have my back. Anyways Good luck at whatever you are up to…. 

With Love……

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