There is no forever….

It was late in the night and I was startled at the knock on my door. One reason why I jumped off my seat is quite natural while the other one is something that I had habituated into in the recent times. The natural reason is that i was not expecting anyone at that hour and the not so natural part is that off late whenever someone turns up, it does not bring in any good news… Wait.. Leave alone about bringing in cheer, In fact it has a track record of turning down my entire world; that world which I had crafted out of my dreams, built and rebuilt with bricks of hope as and when they tumbled down. With eyes popping out and a whole range of ‘amazing’ thoughts flashing in my mind I had to make the only ‘choice’ available; to go and open the door…. As I leaned forward trying to reach out for the door, I could feel my hands were trembling while my forehead was covered in sweat… Hold on.. “How about taking the back door!!! Its much easier” cried heart… But my brain immediately shut out the thought , ” You know they will come after you.. why take extra trouble!!!” Well that’s true and I always knew it. So holding my breath, I opened the door.  A stroke of air just passed by but I could feel it only like a shiver down my spine. I raised by brow as I found none at the door, but for a note… I opened and it read

Dear You

Wanted to tell it personally but I knew you were going to take long before you muster courage to get to the door… So I decided to leave this note…. Relax.. Its just to tell you that I am leaving your side for a while… Got other matters to deal with.. But before I go, just wanted to leave a piece of advice. Don’t take too long to respond to knocks. Simply for two reasons

a) No matter what, If it’s for you, it will wait and get you in… No way out… &

b) Nothing is forever, Neither me nor you. As it comes , it shall pass too…

Love always

Adversity (alias) Bad luck


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