Age is just a number, really???

I remember an incident when I happened to see my Dad’s School leaving certificate which showed his date of birth somewhere in the month of April. This left me confused because until then I had always wished him in the month of September. I felt really bad for not knowing this because going by the fact in the certificate we could have celebrated our birthdays together. Later very fondly he had explained that in those days, having your month of birth to be before June is an advantage for getting an admission to school one year in ahead. That should have been my first introduction to the fact that age is not any random number and an admission to a school is not on the basis of whether the child is ready but on the basis of how old he or she is. But today, things are different of course because toddlers are left to day care centre’s and Montessori’s even as they continue to toddle; leave alone the question of age!!!

While at school, we progress from one class to another and by the age of 17 or 18, we finish our schooling; Thereafter graduation and then post graduation. By the age of 23, most of us are expected to finish with our education and then get into a job. If you are a girl, you might be lucky to get to work for a while before marriage , while guys are given a little more of liberty to get settled in their career, after all they are said to be the mandatory bread winners of any family. Totally like the famous dialogue from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – “22 Tak Padai, 25 pe Naukri, 26 pe Chokri, 60 pe Retirement, Aur Phir Maut ka Intezaar”!!!!

It’s not wrong to have age as a determining factor for various reasons. It’s understandable that certain things are at its best only when accomplished at a particular age. But somehow it’s not acceptable when they start to take a toll on one’s dreams. The World has progressed in a lot of dimensions and these changing dimensions have given way for the generation to dream big. In the path to achieving those dreams there can be a few unforeseen hurdles causing unpredictability. Most of the times, the unpredictability need not cause a wreck. This is simply because every hurdle do hold a definite solution however the constant reminder call of growing age does not let one pursue the path of finding them. And whether we like or not, with every passing moment, we are all growing old and no one can stop it from being that way….

Gone are the times when a girl’s dreams were confined to meeting her prince charming or having a fairy tale wedding. So are gone the times where a woman’s recognition was restricted to her culinary skills.  In fact it’s amazing to see that in the field of culinary as a profession, most commendable names are that of men. Today the world respects Calibre beyond every inch of any other difference. Therefore as we head towards a more competitive environment, we should be able to focus more on being the best in our respective fields. And in between, age cannot be the only factor determining priorities.

Let’s not chop off the wings of dreams in the name of age. Life has an expiry and age is just making it more obvious. We being a limited edition should try and make the stay more worthwhile and not let ourselves get lost in the noisy world around us.

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