Dear Friend….


All these years of my life, I have never been so sure about anything else other than the fact that I will never run out of words when it comes it you; simply because I really don’t have to be bothered about making sense. It can be fragments and you will still know what I exactly meant.

We were not born together but our bond is thicker than blood. We are no way similar, yet we have walked a long way together. We argue, we fight, we overreact, but who cares; because at the end of all of it, it’s still a “WE” and not “YOU” & “I”.

You are the best critic I have ever had, because you will never think twice before saying that it was bad. So do you stand by my side, when you know that I am right.

Life has had a few up’s and downs. There was nothing in common besides you being there all along. I am sure they will continue to be there all my life and so will you be.

For once I tried to make sense and exactly why I know I can’t make it beyond this. But in all that, if there is someone who can read all what’s untold, it’s just you. And by the way, today is not friendship day…

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