As a student, Sir Issac Newton always had a great influence in my life. It always swept me off my foot to think as to how this guy could be so amazingly brilliant. I mean if an apple had fallen on my head, I would either be like “Why me????” or would be like “Yet another bad day!!!!” It could have never occurred to me to even raise a question as to why the apple did not go upwards. Clearly I believe that if not for his phenomenal insight, Law of gravity would have been an axiom for the mankind. He has also made some other vital contributions to the World of Physics.  But of all of them, one theory that each one would have experienced at least once in their lifetime is the very famous, Newton’s Third Law of Motion – To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!  The word “Third Law” always reminds me that there are two other laws before this masterpiece; however they never found a place in my limited storage capacity. And the same is not surprising because it’s only this law that has made its way into my life, surpassing the frontiers of my physics book and examination.

In our lives, the times we respond are less when compared to the times we react. And every time we react, there’s a force which is causing us to do so. It could be our emotions or it could be the circumstances or some other cumulative factor. There are times we experience joy beyond bounds, when everything falls in place in our lives. Similarly, we get offended by words or deeds of people who are around us. All these instigate reactions in us and their measure is directly proportional to the effect, the factors causing it have on our lives. Complicated right???

Exactly why I appreciate the great mind of Sir Newton; He has put one of the supreme truth of a day to day life in the simplest terms ever – To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…  We come across numerous concepts and theories all across the phases of learning. But only a few of them travel with us all through our lives. I believe that there are three factors that can make this happen – the relevance of the subject matter in one’s life, the simplicity at which the same is being conveyed, and the other is a passionate teacher.  When a passionate teacher conveys an impactful concept in the most simplified manner, the result will definitely be a take away for a lifetime.

Saying so, Kudos to Sir Newton for being the best at what he is and for all that he will always be remembered for and to all my teachers for being instrumental in bringing in acceptability to knowledge in my mind and leading me to light.

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