A pinch of insanity, I believe, is an essential ingredient to make human life delicious. But just like salt, it can turn out to be a disaster if added beyond what is required. And the very idea of “RESERVATION / CASTE SYSTEM” is insane, is truly insane beyond acceptance. The statement might seem offensive but this is an outcome of the experiences that I have had in person and also that I have seen and read from the lives of people around me.

Well, I believe in the existence of a super power who has the remote control over the entire race of creations in the universe. But when he created the universe, the only way in which he was perhaps biased was in giving human beings an extra edge over his other creations. Later, his supreme creations went on a spree of dividing themselves into various sub categories and ranking them as high and low on God Knows what basis; thereby came into existence the prestigious ‘Caste System’.

Of course there existed quite a few reasons why such a system was the need of the hour back in the olden days.  And today I would really not mind about having to declare my caste in a matrimony profile. But when I find that as criteria for deciding my education and career, I find it insane. Where talent and merit should speak volumes about an individual, its being BC or OC that matters!!!

It’s also important to note that nobody is being benefitted in a great way from such a division. It’s just that for some it ends up in huge opportunity cost and for others it results in various forms of social discrimination and intolerance. When there can be a Win – Win situation by not having such a system, we choose to accept loss for reasons beyond normal understanding. And the Irony is that, we are supposedly the best of all creations because we have the power to think and decide what is right and wrong for ourselves.

Having said all this, I accept with a heavy heart that things are not going to change any time soon. But I also do not want to lose hope about seeing a change in a few decades maybe. But till then all I can say is “Yes, I belong to a so and so caste and that’s by birth. And I am sorry, Cos as of yet, neither am I given an option to choose my parents nor were they.” Somehow I am glad that we aren’t given one and I hope that we never will be given one. Instead, let’s look forward to a tomorrow where there would be lesser barriers dividing us, leaving a mark of equality in its true sense.

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