2018 is about to bid a goodbye to all of us. As time passes, it leaves behind treasures of sweet and sober memories, those memories that have the power to make us feel alive at times when living has just become a routine task. Today, most of us live our entire lives on a racing track. If there is someone ahead of us, we try to beat them in the race and if there is none, then we try to not let anyone do so. We were all taught that the verb denoting life is ‘living’ or ‘to live’. Somehow all of us got it wrong at the same time and made it synonymous to “running”; Run run and run till you die. And in the midst of this we forget that time is racing ahead of all of us and the span for which we are sent to earth is very very short. To make this stay on earth memorable, it is important to realise that, sometimes we need to take a break, relive our memories and decide for ourselves if we are on the very same track that can take us where we want to be in our lives.  We are left with the last few days of 2018. Lets’ all give that well deserved pause to our respective races, steal that little moment and gift ourselves the best of all gifts ever; joy for the rest of our lifetime…..



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